About Us

Our Vision
To be a Christian community with a passion to know God, to learn his word and serve him every day. And, through our lives demonstrate that his kingdom of love, healing and restoration is a tangible reality here on earth.

Our Mission
To proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so that everyone may come to personally know him as SAVIOUR. To passionately learn of the TEACHER and unconditionally serve the LORD.

Doing all of this for the honor and glory of God the Father, in the powerful name of his Son Jesus Christ and with the incomparable power of the Holy Spirit.

Amistad Ministries exists to fulfill the vision of God as we faithfully work in the mission He established by:

  1. Training disciples
  2. Ministering in the name of Jesus Christ
  3. Providing support to believers
  4. Being an example to the community and the world
  5. Winning the lost for Christ
  6. Furnishing a house of worship to God
  7. Enhancing fellowship among believers
  8. Continuing the work of Christ on earth
  9. Exerting a prophetic influence on the world
  10. Sending out witnesses to share the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

And, to be able to succeed in our calling we have been blessed by God with wonderful gifts and leadership in the ministry, such as…

– This ministry faithfully maintains a constant chain of prayer through the week, interceding for not just our ministry, but also for our community, this city, state, nation and the world. Prayer requests are received via Facebook, email and in person from anyone wishing to be included in our list of prayers. (1 Tim. 2:8)

PRAISE AND WORSHIP MINISTRY – Worshippers in spirit and in truth is what God desires and at Amistad we have been blessed with a wonderfully anointed team of worshippers that lead His body in praise and worship to God in our services. (John 4:23)

– We are greatly blessed with inspiring leaders that are examples to our families and work towards the vision God has established for not just our church, but also our homes and community in an environment where men meet once a month and openly discuss issues that affect them and help them grow personally in Christ. (1 Peter 3:8)

– The women of Amistad ministries are blessed to have wonderful leaders that tend to needs of the women of the church. They meet once a month to have fellowship and learn about Godly principles in the word that help us in our walk with the Lord. (Proverbs 31:30)

– Young people come to praise the Lord and serve to please him and help our community. Powerful teachings and great fellowship combine to make a welcoming environment for our youth, please come and be part of this great family! (1 Tim. 4:12)

– Children of all ages are learning to praise the Lord as they sing to Him along with the Children’s Church Worship Team (composed of children) and then they all participate in teachings from the Bible to help them connect to their divine destiny. Our church is blessed with a nursery ready to receive babies to toddlers and teachers prepared to share the message of God to his littlest ones. (Luke 18:15-17)

– Just as Jesus used parables to help people understand kingdom principles, today He also has gifted teams to put into dramatizations Biblical teachings as visual aids for a better understanding of his word. (Matthew 13:34)

– Music plays a very big role at Amistad ministries and we work diligently to fill the air waves with music that praises Him and syndicated programing to help us learn how to build an intimate relationship with God. (Psalm 150:6)

For more information about these ministries or questions about Amistad, please email us at
church@amistadwaco.org. Thank you and be blessed!