About Us

What is Radio Amistad?

We are the first Spanish Christian radio station in the Greater Waco Area.Radio Amistad went on the air in February 2004 broadcasting local programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Radio Amistad is known for its good quality programming and the professionalism of its dedicated staff to bring the best in music and programs that will be of a blessing to our community in Waco.


  1. To honor and glorify the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To bring quality programming that will be a blessing to the community.
  3. To serve the community by informing listeners of the many activities and services available by non-profit agencies in the Central Texas area.

What does Radio Amistad programming offer?

Good quality Christian Music

Radio Amistad strives to bring the best in Christian music in different genres. We are serious in our responsibility of presenting good quality music and solid Biblical teachings.

Syndicated Programs

Our programming is family oriented with the objective of informing and blessing families spiritually. The programs that we air are syndicated and have a great trajectory and are well known in many parts of the world, such as Focus on the Family. We also air programs with great evangelists and preachers like Luis Palau, Alberto Mottessi and many more.

Community Assistance

Radio Amistad continuously airs Public Service Announcements (PSA) that inform the community about service by non-profit agencies to help those in need and improve the way of life in our city.

Awareness of Local Churches Activities and Charitable Organizations

Radio Amistad is committed with local churches and charitable organizations to air their activity announcements and the services offered here in our community. Radio Amistad airs free of charge the announcements of the different evangelical churches, local charitable organizations and many local adult education programs.

Concerts, Conferences, Forums and Workshops

Through the projection that the Radio station gives us in this city, we have been able to sponsor conferences, forums and workshops about family, marriage, finances, education and much more. We also have sponsored concerts with well-known Christian artists, some of them Grammy winners of the best in Spanish Christian Music.